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Aria is no stranger to music streaming. You might even say they are pioneers. Parent company, DigiBit Technologies, have been involved in music streaming and its associated technologies since the early days, and are responsible for one of the world's most respected metadata servers, SONATA. But that isn't to say DigiBit and Aria are all about software. They have invested heavily in the Aria line and what you get is reference level streaming, software and hardware. Describing their goal as "to provide music lovers without much computer skills all the advantages that bring digital music technologies, but in a simple way and hassle-free", they have acchieved that goal and then some.

For over four years we let early adopters of streamers and the like to buy flavour of the month products that would frustrate, lose value and be obsolete in a year. Trying many, one day we discovered Aria, and I had to have one. The basis for a Music Room product. In a sense you buy clones of one of my revolving home systems!

Standing proud above the hosts of industry giants, newcomers and bandwagon jumpers is a Spanish company which has musical passion and electronic wizardry. ARIA. The beauty of their Gaudi casework exudes Spanish design and costly, craftsmanship (which I know drives them mad). Much harder than machining from solid billet and suppressing unwanted vibrations, the layering equals class and long term pleasure; it also matches with any silver or black components. Beneath the skin, innovative circuits, unrivalled simplicity, user-intuition, and fabulous graphics won us over. The company has now introduced an entry model and the upgradable architecture is a far cry from the constant upgrade model that invites you to pay the company an annual subscription.

Very distinguished products with a safe future, and expanding company, and amazing plans for the future that will enable its existing products to redefine music at home …. And away!

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