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German engineering, honesty and far-sighted vision are a legend and no company defines the ethos of a bespoke, high-end audio company than Brinkmann.

Turntables have always been political and the magazines continue to recommend brands that rest on their laurels. In bygone years we experienced (and sold) legendary turntables like the Goldmund Reference and VersaDynamics. In the 1980’s these proved that the vinyl LP contained much more detail than realized. In the 21st century, many people realize that formats have become cheaper and nastier and have returned to the welcome revival of analogue and vinyl.

The supreme achievement of Brinkmann is astonishing research and staggering engineering tolerances: bearing, platter, chassis all look like they have fallen from heaven, not made in a factory. No set-up, no maintenance, no struggles: everything about Brinkmann is intelligence, integrity, and for the user a lifetime of pride of possession and discovery of music. We cannot be the Music Room without Brinkmann.

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