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Company motto, “the unorthodox approach” but what does this mean? Obviously this starts with no ugly black boxes. Each Pathos product has fresh, stimulating, Italianate beauty that extends to tactile controls, minimalised to the nth degree. Unlabelled switches and buttons demand learning but this bonds owner and machine in a remarkable way, like rider and horse; the Japanese call it Kansi.

Equally unorthodox is the sonic engineering. Aiming at avoiding veiling, dynamic compression, mechanistic grey timbres, and distortions, by minimalism “done right” we observe with Pathos – and all true crafted brands – long delay designs.

Commercial rivals are discontinuing a product by the time Pathos launch theirs: and to us dealers, lost sales are not a business model. Neither is the Italian tradition for longevity. While others make upgrades and new models for annual publicity, most Pathos products have been “well made for well over a decade.” Because they got it right. Unorthodox, yes; a Music Room product most certainly so! Pathos legacy products are supported in the UK by JC, a great service engineer, and from 2016 Pathos has a great new distributor. Meet Chris, who has taken over UKD.

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