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As of 2013 we are delighted to represent one of the finest headphone manufacturers in the world.

We are also proud that the company have chosen us to be one of their exclusive Club Orpheus dealerships: Club Orpheus has been created around the very same values as our superlative products its members represent the finest and most experienced audio retailers in the UK.

In buying from a Club Orpheus member, you receive a range of benefits not found anywhere else. Remember that the most prestigious models are only available to demo here. The briefest scan of the burgeoning headphone market will make it rapidly apparent that Sennheiser's designs stand out as being visually slicker than the rest. But as ever with The Music Room it's ultimately the sound that counts, and this is where we have been truly impressed: whether the HD800 series or the in-ear IE800, their quality is right up there or beyond compared to anything close to these price points.

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