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Tuesday, 21st May 2019



They come in pairs and men love them.

What comes in pairs and are beloved by men? Loudspeakers, of course.

Loudspeakers are the components which most reproduce your music and interact with listener, room acoustics and décor. Unfortunately, most manufacturers pursue the cheapest route to the […]

By Jack Lawson • 14th May ’18

Digital audio file formats demystified.

Digital audio can be recorded and subsequently encoded in a variety of formats and qualities. When you're downloading a file from a download site or streaming from an online subscription service it can be hard to know which file format to choose from the […]

By Douglas Whates • 15th Aug ’17

Streaming demystified.

To stream is to use a device known as a streamer to access music from online subscription services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, as well as audio files on any PC/Mac/NAS or other such devices on your home network, and play it back through your […]

By Douglas Whates • 15th Aug ’17

The real bargains.

The Music Room is upmarket and sells expensive Hi-Fi, but survives as the cheapest source of real Hi-Fi. Today’s online economy does not fool the discerning buyer. There is good reason to buy new from franchised dealers apart from the faking and fraud […]

By Jack Lawson • 14th Aug ’17

MQA: the lossy codec no end user asked for or needs.

I’m not going to work up to a punchline with this rambling essay. I’ll lay my cards on the table right here in the opening paragraph and reveal that I’m skeptical about MQA, and you should be too.

If you’re wondering what MQA is then you are one of the […]

By Douglas Whates • 25th Apr ’17

How much for a needle?

Record players are a return to real Hi-Fi in terms of emotionally involving sound and a lifestyle activity, not a peripheral. You focus on music, play throughout rather than surf tracks or relegate music as a background abstraction.

With the welcome […]

By Jack Lawson • 19th Oct ’16

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