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Tuesday, 21st May 2019



Getting high in Munich: 2019 Show Report

How High is High? Aspiration audio in an age of high technology. What is the high end?

These are practical questions the astute audiophile needs to define because the marketing machines cloud the issue (as they are handsomely paid to do).

Munich has deservedly become THE annual showcase of all that is good, bad and ugly in high-end audio, and the trends are there for all to see. I hope this is a useful and insightful overview based on our 40 years of experience of trends!

We will save for later our High End system consisting of a turntable under £1500, amplifier under £2500, loudspeakers under £5000, so allowing for cartridges, cables Etc, a ten thousand pound system that is a Giant Killer.

By Jack Lawson • 17th May ’19

The Collection

We are very proud of our inner circle. Designers and manufacturers motivated by pride in their products and cutting edge technology and craftsmanship. It is for this reason we are most delighted to introduce “The Collection”: a concept and brochure first […]

By The Music Room • 21st May ’19

ProAc & Primare

A marriage made in heaven and celebrated everyday at The Music Room.

It has been announced today the What HiFi best floorstanding loudspeaker under £2,000. ProAc’s DT8. Congratulations to the Team Tyler, a remarkable accomplishment against the […]

By Jack Lawson • 11th Oct ’18

We're at Munich High End 2018

We're at Munich High End 2018, arguably the industry's most important event. A nice chance to catch up with manufacturers and colleagues old and new. A tiny taster below from day one below, with a full report when we're back home. Make sure to follow us […]

By The Music Room • 11th May ’18

ATC makes a welcome return to The Music Room.

We are delighted to be reappointed by ATC after a gap of 9 years. There could not be a better time and a more synergistic partnership. The Music Room offers artisan audio for the price of High Street Hi-Fi.

Put simply, you can buy a branded loudspeaker […]

By Jack Lawson • 12th Dec ’17

Esoteric P-05X/D-05X

On their 20th anniversary Esoteric, world leaders in CD and digital players, released a Super Audio CD Transport and DAC at a relatively accessible price point. What it lacked in overkill components it had in immersive natural sound. In 2007, the P-05 […]

By Jack Lawson • 3rd Apr ’17

ABYSS AB-1266 Phi headphone–the best just got better.

In Brief. Shipping dates of Diana ($3,000) and AB-1266 Phi ($4,950) coming soon. As before AB-1266 will be available with or without the leather case and desk stand. Upgrade to Phi drivers direct to the factory expected to cost $1,500 plus one-way […]

By Jack Lawson • 3rd Apr ’17

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