Roon Nucleus now available.

By The Music Room · 7th Feb 2018

We're excited to announce the eagerly anticipated and long-awaited hardware counterpart to Roon Labs' magnificent software is finally shipping.

Roon Nucleus, put simply, is a computer pre-configured for running Roon software. It means you don't need to have your personal computer or laptop running to be able to use Roon. For those unaware, Roon is an app which allows you to intuitively browse though and listen to your hi-res music collection and is fast becoming the defacto standard for high-end file-based playback.

A sticking point thus far has been that, in order to run Roon, one must have a personal computer on and running all the time. Let's face it, nobody want to think about computers when listening to their music collection.

Enter Roon Nucleus

This is where the Roon Nucleus comes in. As a Roon Partner, we've been using and recommending Roon for a while now. Thus far we've been using it via our own custom computer/server setup. But for some (maybe even most) people, computers and hi-fi just don't mix. We listen to music to escape technology and computers, don't we? Well, I do. Admittedly, this new device is a wolf in sheep's clothing—the Nucleus is a computer—but it is pre-configured for one job only: to run Roon software. It runs a bespoke operating system (Roon OS) and really you don't need to think of it as a computer at all. You just plug it into your network and you're ready to go.

Unlike a conventional computer, this doesn't call attention to itself; it's fanless, compact (think the size of a thick hardback novel) and very stylish. In fact, it looks very similar to something Philippe Starck might design were he trying to make an IT device look less computer-ish.

Bottom line: this elegant little device makes it a cinch for anyone to get up and running with Roon. Unlike a computer, you plug it in, switch it on and then forget about it.

Any questions? Get in touch and we'll tell you all you want to know about Roon.

Further Reading

Official Roon Nucleus product video on YouTube.

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