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Mojo S: An Immersive Experience. A Pinnacle Product.

By Jack Lawson · 10th Nov 2016

Are these the best loudspeakers in the world? I am being provocative, always determined to change the world, one review at a time, one reader at a time. The Mojo S cannot be the best loudspeaker in the world. Even at £20k they are a gateway to a range of loudspeakers going up to a ton weight, in four towers seven feet high and a quarter of a million florins in western currency. Worse still, they are made by an amplifier company. And being mark 2 Mojos which were around £12k most people will safely ignore the Mojo S. The world will. Next review.

Just a minute. I have never heard such a sound… I swear it… in the Golden Age we never got this sound from any ribbon or electrostatic… and the bass! What bass? Well, there is no bass in the same way that there is no treble, and no mid-range. Let me explain. Imagine what emerges when a loudspeaker is organically right. Not bass.

The outgoing Mojos were—are—great loudspeakers, overlooked by all but a fortunate few believers who discovered them by believing their ears, not swallowing the industry hype.

in the Golden Age we never got this sound from any ribbon or electrostatic

Clearly, a great deal of work has gone into developing the Mojo S. Look carefully and you see a lot of changes. In principle, a stand mount speaker will image much better… But STOP. The stand is an isolation column not a stand and the speaker is much bigger and heavier than a “bookshelf monitor”. But do you remember the imaging and neutrality of the classic BBC LS3/5A design? Well, this one is much better. But what about the bass, you may ask. Well, if you want to be an audiophile you will be happy to hear deep, low, bass and you will be astounded.

But if you are like me, you’ll forget the visceral pleasure of bass as the music wraps you up. It is not a loudspeaker. It is so-o-o-o natural.

If it looked as it sounds the Mojo S would be like a tree…

More than any other thing, this Mojo S reminds me of Apogee Scintillas or STAX electrostatic headphones.

If you are looking to rationalize, downsize, or if you are looking for one of the world’s greatest and most progressive loudspeakers, you need to check these out. Launched at the 2016 Munich Show, they are hand built and already have several months waiting time whether you are a customer of The Music Room or the Queen of Denmark.

Worth the wait. The Mojo S might even take longer to come than refurbished Apogees but it is an even better speaker. Yes, it isn’t eight feet high. It isn’t a quarter million Euros. It doesn’t need 500 watts into one ohm. Exquisite and musical, it is an immersive experience; like a drug, you keep listening. It is for the audiophile who can grasp the future as Gryphon has done. No, I am wrong: anyone can see, hear and be amazed…

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