Many years ago The Music Room launched the UK’s first pre-owned, exchange, and ex-demo hi-fi website. Some of you may also recall the 'Bargains List'. It is with great pleasure we are now able to consolidate and bring you all our bargains (be that pre-owned, surplus, ex-demo, vintage, etc.) right here to this Outlet section of the site.

N.B. Unless otherwise stated, all items are in excellent or better condition with original packaging.



Client Name 1.5 EVO

Piano Black Lacquer, French polished 7 coats, deep lacquer with rainbow lustre. This is the flagship classic Zingali -- like the Maserati of loudspeakers. Fifteen inch paper driver, fifteen inch horn with compression driver. This is the latest "EVO" revision with updated refinements. Loudspeakers are more costly than this but are they in any sense better? These have palpable presence, clarity, and are amazing when very quiet or very uncompressed at very high volumes. High efficiency, linear load make these loudspeakers work brilliantly with amps from 10 - 500 watts. Full details and dem on request. MSRP 36,000€

£ 13,750
was£ 27,500


Client EVO 3.12

Piano lacquer black, 7 coats hand-rubbed, deep rainbow lustre. Three way system with upper and lower mid-range drivers for astounding speed and clarity. Magical sound in any room with any amplifier thanks to unique Omniray patented technology. You have to see and hear to appreciate why this is an heirloom product, lifetime investment, ultimate loudspeakers. Zingali is a world-class company acclaimed and award winning in many European and Asian countries. Exclusively distributed in the UK by The Music Room for almost 30 years!

£ 13,995
was£ 22,500



Gryphon’s loudspeakers outperform the rivals at a fraction of the price. Crossover is hand-made large discrete components, not regular or branded stuff. The Mojos are compact but perform beyond their size and price. One owner, with original boxes. Highly recommended. Extraordinary scale and realism. Matt black finish.

£ 5,995
was£ 11,995


Color 5.1 surround system

Surround 5.1 system with true Gallic style. Soul-stirring musical and cinema sound. Cancelled order. Extraordinary value. Includes Meteor 0.5 subwoofer upgrade. Very exciting sound. Very elegant gloss black cabinets.

£ 1,295
was£ 2,867


Stirling GR

Walnut. Legendary, current series, made in Scotland, authentic, value. One pair in sealed boxes.

Sealed Box
£ 2,995
was£ 3,950


Revolution XT 8F

Floorstanding loudspeaker. Amazing performance, stunning value. Choice of finishes: Medium Oak (pictured) or Dark Walnut.

£ 995
was£ 1,299

Audio Physic

Classic 20

Natural Oak / Black reversible grille. Hardly used, as new. Remarkable detail, soundstage, 3-dimensional stereo. Premium components include WBT NextGen terminals and innovative, reversible grille. Super value for quick sale.

£ 995
was£ 2,480


Galaxy 2.1 set

(White) inc. Meteor 0.1 sub.

£ 499
was£ 695


Zero Sei

Sei (2 x 6 inch woofers) elegant cabinets but room filling efficiency. Legendary Italian sound and style at affordable entry prices, sadly no longer available. Life changing. Gorgeous. Unique opportunity. Were £2,995

£ 1,450
was£ 2,999


Aria 906

£ 495
was£ 995




Legendary, rare, from 1986 pre-amp with MM/MC stage, CD, Tuner, Aux, Tape inputs. Balanced and RCA outputs. Headphones. Awesome pre-amp with 2 x mono amplifiers. Limited Edition 30 pieces, white!! Drop dead gorgeous. From the golden age of Hi-Fi. Today’s value certainly in excess of £10,000 per unit so it is a fantastic investment.

£ 4,995
£ vintage

Audio Analogue


Silver, unmarked, complete in original carton, with manual and remote. True high fidelity and hand-built in Italy. Full warranty.

£ 345
was£ 689

Tsakiridis Devices

Aeolos Super Plus

Highly commended, super amp. Premium build and components. Parts count include £800 worth of quad output tubes KT120 by EAT for longevity and conservative rating of 60 watts per channel. Crafted in Greece. Highly rated in Europe.

£ 995
was£ 1,895




Legendary CD/SACD player that needs no introduction. We have a mint sample in silver, as new. Serial number PPR 8588. With original carton and remote controller, priced for quick sale. With manufacturer and dealer’s warranties.

As new
£ 6,950
was£ 11,995


P-05 / D-05

One owner from new. 2 box CD/SACD Transport and DAC. Sold by Music Room. As new with manual, remote, original cartons.

£ 3,995
was£ 9,490



Esoteric clock. Great reputation. One owner from new. Sold by Music Room. As new with manual, remote, original cartons.

£ 1,495
was£ 3,995



£ 8,500
was£ 12,800



The MonoPhonic

Dedicated phono pre-amp for mono records with simple, ingenious, innovative equalization. Simply dial in two curves then hear pre-1963 recordings as your friends cannot experience. Exclusive Music Room product in the UK. Crafted in Germany. Beautiful finish. http://oswaldsmillaudio.com/monophonic. New item, with external power supply.

£ 995
was£ 1,200


JPS Labs

Aluminata 4-ft loudspeaker cables

WBT interchangeable spades or bananas. Ex demo. Perfect condition. Flagship model. This cable defies the laws of physics and exceeds all expectations. They use unique geometry, patent alloy, kapton insulators, and aluminium particles as the fourth shield in the product to reject RFI. We have found that Aluminata loudspeaker cables used with any systems even inferior source cables will work well.

£ 2,995
was£ 6,195


VIP Premium Interconnect

One meter pair as new. Exceptional interconnect.

£ 1,295
was£ 2,095


M5 VIP UK Power Cord 1.0 meter

Very rare on the used market. We are lucky to have aquired 3 of these in different lengths (see other listings). Simply staggering mains cable.

£ 750
was£ 1,595


M5 VIP UK Power Cord 1.5 meter

Very rare on the used market. We are lucky to have aquired 3 of these in different lengths (see other listings). Simply staggering mains cable.

£ 800
was£ 1,695


M5 VIP UK Power Cord 2.0 meter

Very rare on the used market. We are lucky to have aquired 3 of these in different lengths (see other listings). Simply staggering mains cable.

£ 950
was£ 1,895

JPS Labs

Kaptovator 2m low current AC cable

The audio world is divided into two camps -- those who have / not yet discovered the most superior and cost effective mains conditioning is a cable made of Alumiloy metal, Kapton insulator bristling with technology that includes suppression of vibrations without the need of a circuit box. Recently purchased, in original boxes, with certificates of authenticity and latest 2016 specification with Furutech plugs. (NB: Image shows three cables. Price shown is for one only. We have one low current version left for sale).

£ 550
was£ 1,049

Mains Conditioning


Elite 10-Ei

UK power conditioner, Eight IEC outlets, maximum 10 amps, from a professional and very respected manufacturer used in top studios worldwide. Linear filtering, excessive voltage shutdown, non sacrificial (reuseable) surge protection. This enhances performance and protects valued components from catastrophic damage or accumulated degradation of IC's due to non-fatal spikes. This is a domestic version made in China for economy. Hence great value. More details on request.

£ 345
was£ 599

Stands & Equipment Support

Townshend Audio

Seismic Vibration Isolation System

5‐shelf, only six months old, as new, with alternative 1.0 or 1.2 columns http://www.townshendaudio.com/[...]/

£ 1,200
was£ 2,400


V1 Audio Rack

Four shelf. Bauhaus style, resonance tuned, substantial and beautiful Macassar. 778 x 700 x 450 (H x W x D). Flat packed in sealed carton. (N.B. image is of the same rack, but this listing is for a new item from stock).

£ 1,350
was£ 2,400



The Black Exorcist

Dispels magnetic field in phono cartridges. Legendary product no longer made. Quite astonishing. We have one remaining, NOS, unused in sealed box.

£ 175
was£ 225


CH 800 S

Upgrade cable for the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones. Brand new, unopened box.

£ 150
was£ 255

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