ESOTERIC F-03A Integrated amplifier. Our demo sample, under two years old, as new, boxed and full warranty. As it shoehorns Grandioso technology of multi-chassis mega-dollar giants. The F-03A replaced Esoteric's all-tube A-100 with very similar liquid tube power. It oozes all the experience and pride that "made in Tokyo" implies, this is a no brainer and we suggest rapid response. Potent class A (goes louder than a Gryphon D-300). Two balanced + four RCA line inputs + high resolution MM/MC switchable input, expansion port for digital module or enhanced balanced XLR input, 2 pairs loudspeakers; configure as a pre / power/ integrated amplifier; defeatable tone controls etc behind panel door; remote control, etc. Once only opportunity for a proper UK import with full warranty. Was £13,500 now £9,750.

£ 9,750
£ 13,500

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