P-05 / D-05


An anniversary celebration edition, especially beautiful sound that made this a legendary product, now revived as P-05X and D-05X at a price point of £18,000. Recently serviced by Esoteric in the UK when a brand new transport was installed to assure maximum lifespan and minimum error correction that lasers may need. One careful user from new, this is a UK 230 volt sample that is supplied with original remote, manual, and triple cartons. The D-05 DAC has selectable and flawless volume function (unlike latest version) so can directly power amplifier for enhanced dynamic clarity and system synergy. The D-05 DAC has no various digital inputs which can be used with a variety of network music and streaming sources. It is a high precision, high resolution, flexible DAC with many options chosen by a simple menu system giving the theoretical best from both DSD and PCM platforms.

£ 4,995
was£ 10,000

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