New! K Range model INTRODUCING THE K3

DEALER'S APPRAISAL: ProAc's flagship K-range has been joined by K-3 whose design aim was to reach uncompromised performance in more acceptable dimensions and under ten thousand pounds in its home market. That ProAc have taken so long, that they have launched it raises the serious question: was it possible to distil the legacy of Studio 3, EBS, Future, Response D4, Carbon Pro, and K8 within the budget? Hearing is believing! Don't judge the K3 by its price or its elegance. Judge it against anything from the world market at any price. If you are seeking natural sound, you may have found loudspeakers that until now have not existed.


Manufacturer's Description

The K series range of speakers are called so because of the use of Kevlar in the construction of the drive units. So far we have only used Kevlar and Carbon Fibre for bass and lower midrange reproduction in large enclosures. These cones have a light, stiff quality, the Kevlar has more warmth making excellent bass transients and extension. Cone material is something that ProAc have been developing over the last fifteen years with an emphasis on Carbon fibre and Kevlar. A new Kevlar cone was developed which would work into the midrange far better than previous Carbon fibre or Kevlar cones, this also has the added benefit of a phase plug giving better detail and dispersion.

The new Kevlar drive unit was developed for the K3 and has excellent weight to the bass as well as good extension with a detailed and uncoloured midrange. This new Kevlar unit would go into a new speaker called the K3, two of these units are used with our ribbon tweeter placed centrally in our K constructed cabinet. A high quality crossover was specially designed for the K3 to seamlessly mate with the ribbon tweeter and this new crossover uses high quality components split for bi-amping and bi-wiring and connected directly to the terminals.

As far as sound quality goes the K3 has a wonderfully electrostatic type of midrange very clear and detailed, with a dynamic bass response.

ProAc K3 (Cherry)
Product Variants…
K3 Cherry£ 9,750
K3 Cherry£ 9,750
K3 Mahogany£ 9,750
K3 Silk White£ 9,750
K3 Black Ash£ 9,750
K3 Walnut£ 9,750
K3 Natural Oak£ 9,750
K3 Ebony£ 11,700
K3 Rosewood£ 11,700
£ 9,750
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