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Record players are a return to real Hi-Fi in terms of emotionally involving sound and a lifestyle activity, not a peripheral. You focus on music, play throughout rather than surf tracks or relegate music as a background abstraction.

With the welcome [...]

19th Oct
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Oppo PM-3 · 

If you are in the market for a set of closed-back headphones, it's very hard to beat the Oppo PM-3. Most closed-back cans suffer from (unsurprisingly) a closed in sound-stage and, though often powerful, not very subtle bass. Not so with these. Sure [...]

6th Jul
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Primare 928 · 

Not to be missed, an ultra-rare collector's item in stunning white. Limited to only 30 pieces.

19th May

About Us

Opened in November 1979 The Music Room was Scotland's first high end audio retailer, and since then we have become synonymous with the very best brands our industry has to offer. Always run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, our forward looking policies included building the UK's first demo room, as well as being the first to offer two year warranties on all new equipment. We were among the first in the UK to introduce high-end manufacturers Koetsu, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, etc., and we even drafted the founding charter for BADA.

Our own founding aim has never changed: to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to forge long-term relationships built upon a mutual passion for music.

I really appreciate you going the extra mile and contacting Primare to get a definitive answer. You have once again demonstrated the oft overlooked value in being loyal to one's trusted, local dealer.
JF (Glasgow)
October 2016
The sound from the Gryphon system is absolutely phenomenal... Thank you for all your advice and support
SR (Glasgow)
April 2014
Thank you again for another quality upgrade to our music system, and without spending silly amounts of money.
FG (Glasgow)
May 2015
Received the CDT today, thank you very much for the first class service. Pleasure doing business with you. All the best for the future.
SB (Cornwall)
April 2014
No worries about the glitches - in my world the most important thing is not necessarily the fact that glitches/problems arise, it's important as to how they're dealt with and resolved and I must say you've excelled and I'm more than happy with the level of customer service you've provided.
April 2016

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