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How High is High? Aspiration audio in an age of high technology. What is the high end?

These are practical questions the astute audiophile needs to define because the marketing machines cloud the issue (as they are handsomely paid to do).

Munich has [...]

17th May
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Abyss Diana Phi · 

The sound of the world's best headphones in an elegant package? Only Abyss by JPS Labs of New York could have done it. But how? The acclaimed Abyss driver is literally shoehorned into a boutique package behind horn shaped soft earpads that enhance the [...]
18th Oct
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Primare 204 "Goldtop" CD Player · 

One of the hi-fi world's most iconic CD players. Unique floating aesthetic and timeless sonic performance.

21st May

About Us

Opened in November 1979 The Music Room was Scotland's first high end audio retailer, and since then we have become synonymous with the very best brands our industry has to offer. Always run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, our forward looking policies included building the UK's first demo room, as well as being the first to offer two year warranties on all new equipment. We were among the first in the UK to introduce high-end manufacturers Koetsu, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, etc., and we even drafted the founding charter for BADA.

Our own founding aim has never changed: to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to forge long-term relationships built upon a mutual passion for music.

I would also like to say how grateful I am for all the other recommendations you have made over the years which have improved my sound- system and increased the pleasure of listening to the radio and cds as well as vinyl.
November 2017
You are running a top-tier operation and I couldn't be happier to have done business with you. Thanks again.
BF (Florida, USA)
August 2018
Thank you for recommending the Michell Orbe SE turntable and Origin Live Encounter tone arm as an upgrade to my hi-fi system. It is always a slight worry that an upgrade does not sound as good as expected or, even worse, might not seem to make a difference. However in this case your recommendation was definitely the right way to go. There is a marked improvement in the sound quality when playing vinyl and I am very much enjoying revisiting old albums.
November 2017
Besides picture quality being what I expected, the sound quality is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Another happy camper once again. Thanks Jack.
June 2017
That C-03Xs is really a stunning performer for the price - very pleased with my purchase and your recommendation, thank you!
May 2017
Dealing with Jack Lawson at the Music Room is dealing with the best in the business. Your patience and honest advice is so welcome and refreshing in this current day society. You only sell the very best for any budget from the very highest of the high end to the very highest quality equipment at any given budget. If anyone out there is as passionate as myself about musical reproduction in your home please contact Jack Lawson. You will find audio heaven.
JH (London)
March 2017
I think the dialogue we have had during this week has been a pleasure, and both you and Douglas has proven to be true advisors. That is what creates long lasting customer relationships, and I am looking forward to recommend The Music Room to all I know! … You have reminded me why physical shops with physical people can outperform online shops! March 2017.
NG (Denmark)
March 2017
I picked the right man to help me build up my system over the years. Over the moon my friend. Revelation. I was surprised at just how much hash was coming in through the mains.
January 2017
Thank you very much for the excellent and speedy Service.
BB (Derby)
October 2016
I really appreciate you going the extra mile and contacting Primare to get a definitive answer. You have once again demonstrated the oft overlooked value in being loyal to one's trusted, local dealer.
JF (Glasgow)
October 2016
No worries about the glitches - in my world the most important thing is not necessarily the fact that glitches/problems arise, it's important as to how they're dealt with and resolved and I must say you've excelled and I'm more than happy with the level of customer service you've provided.
April 2016
Thank you again for another quality upgrade to our music system, and without spending silly amounts of money.
FG (Glasgow)
May 2015
Received the CDT today, thank you very much for the first class service. Pleasure doing business with you. All the best for the future.
SB (Cornwall)
April 2014
The sound from the Gryphon system is absolutely phenomenal... Thank you for all your advice and support
SR (Glasgow)
April 2014
Just a quick thank you for all your help in setting up the Origin Live Illustrious on my Michel Orbe, can’t tell you the difference it has made to my system & enjoyment of listening to my records. You provide an an excellent service which is a joy to experience. I look forward to my next opportunity to upgrade my system with you. Thanks again
PW (Stirlingshire)
April 2019

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